Interview | Jords

By Bobby McCarty

Jords is an up and comer from South London who is thriving on the cutting edge of the UK rap scene. With a fresh take on contemporary hip-hop and time on his side, Jords could be set to take off in a market which is crying out for innovation. From humble beginnings to top-offs and plans for the future, we got some answers from the forefront of British hip-hop when we caught up with the young rapper.

Read the full interview below:

CLUNK: Hi Jords. You are relatively new to the industry as far as we can tell, how’s the scene been treating you?

Jords: It’s a real learning curve, it’s important to be aware. But saying that, it’s also important to approach everything with an open mind and to put love of the music first. Positive thoughts become positive things, and genuine intentions are clear to see.

CLUNK: For those who haven’t heard of you, how would you best describe your music?

Jords: I’d say it’s a blend of R&B and Hip-Hop, if you could put the sound into any category.

CLUNK: What was it like growing up in Croydon? Does your life experience influence your music?

Jords: I couldn’t imagine being raised any other way. I think growing up in Croydon taught me a lot about the value of friendship and brotherhood. You learn how to make your own way in things and how to stand up on your own two feet. My music is very much influenced by my life, all my songs are a very personal account of things I’ve been through. I think it’s important nowadays to be honest about what you’ve been through.

“I think growing up in Croydon taught me a lot about the value of friendship and brotherhood”

CLUNK: Has success in the music business always been your aspiration?

Jords: No, I wouldn’t say so. I grew up expecting to be a lawyer or civil engineer, then when I found music it just spoke to me in a way that the conventional education system didn’t.

CLUNK: The videos for ‘Cloud 99’ and ‘Working too Hard’ have a great aesthetic, where does that come from?

Jords: A lot of that is down to Chase Paul and Freddie Gwenzi, the directors. I had a vision for both videos in my head, and they managed to do a great job transferring what’s in my head to the screen. It might sound weird but when I make songs, I see colours that.. kind of reflect the mood of the song I guess, and especially for Cloud 99, the colours in my head were purple and pink.

“It might sound weird but when I make songs, I see colours that.. kind of reflect the mood of the song I guess”

CLUNK: Has anything changed since you started releasing music? Have you felt any ‘turning points’ or had any big realisations in getting to this point?

Jords: All the time. All the time. One of the biggest turning points was when I was almost chasing a deal, I felt music was aspiring to be signed. Then I watched J.Cole – Road to homecoming – I remember it so well ha – and I just had the thought that you gotta work with your people around you, they believe in you more than anyone else will. Then organically, a good friend of mine became my manager, we built a team out of people who we know and trust, rather than chasing that record deal or that big shot manager. We built what we have ourselves, and no one can ever take that from us.

“We built what we have ourselves, and no one can ever take that from us”

CLUNK: What’s your priority as a recording artist at the moment?

Jords: I’m always trying to push myself outside my comfort zone. I’m young and eager to learn, so right now I’m just trying new ideas and experimenting with different sounds. Pushing my own boundaries is my priority.

CLUNK: Do you have any main creative influences or inspirations?

Jords: I think the people around me influence me in what I write, but musically my influences change every day. Right now I’m going through a phase of listening to Jai Paul on repeat, so I think that might subconsciously influence what I make in the next few weeks.

CLUNK: How about any artists people should look out for in the future?… besides yourself of course.

Jords: Hmm.. haha besides myself, a singer called Shae, amazing amazing voice. My bro Malick IV is so talented and humble, J Hus is one of my favourite UK artists at the moment, the musicality is crazy. A2, EllzBS, Gray, Kadiata, Jaz Karis.. there’s so many and I know I’ve missed a lot out but UK music is vibrant right now.

CLUNK: What’s the plan for the future, where would you like to see yourself ?

Jords: I just want to travel the world and have a voice.

CLUNK: Thanks a lot Jords, great speaking to you!!!

Watch ‘Before We Begin’ here:

Bobby McCarty

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