Review | Liza Colby Sound – Draw EP

Out now!

Rating: 8/10

By Kieran Webber

The Liza Colby Sound are a rare gem in a world full of coal, their sound is reminiscent of the 70’s and early 80’s booming rock scene and carries the same weight and empowering sexiness. It’s vintage rock and roll bundled in a modern package that is incredibly infectious.

Recently they have released their ‘Draw’ EP and across the four songs you are invited into a world of musical debauchery. By the time the EP is finished you will be strutting around like the world’s most confident person, each step sassier and stronger than the last.

Opening with the fiery ‘My World’ you are thrown into a chasm of sultry goodness that boasts Liza’s vocal strength. The lyrical content is a reminder that behind these powerful lungs stands a incredibly powerful woman as she screams “Make no mistake this is my world”. It is incredibly refreshing to hear this belted out whilst a lustrous guitar line playfully bounces in the background.

Things are taken a notch down with the following track ‘I Love You’ which is a slow building belter that boasts Colby’s vocal range. Although the track is arguably the most melancholy on the EP it still has moments of raw power, fueled by clear passion.

Listen to ‘Cryin’ here:

The EP continues down a path of surprise with the following track ‘White Light’ which dances brilliantly in the psychedelic realm, it carries similarities to the likes of Led Zeppelin. It’s a groovy number that is lifted by ethereal guitars and slow driven percussion, creating a spaced out atmosphere. Despite taking a slower pace and more transcendent vibe the sass and sexyness remains and there are plenty of tasty licks from the guitarist.

Closing track ‘Cryin’ returns to the exuberance of the opening track, coming full circle. It carries an attitude that would make David Lee Roth wince, a riff so infectious it would make Jimmy Page tap his feet.

Across the EP you are treated to a delightful plate of tasty riffs, awe inspiring vocals and a level of sexiness and sass that should be banned. The Liza Colby Sound throws back to the grand rock ‘n’ roll days of the 80’s but thrusts itself into a modern world.


Kieran Webber

Journalism graduate based in Newquay, Cornwall. My project Clunk Magazine covers surf, Music, Art, skate and Lifestyle. In time we hope to integrate with as many artistic and creative people as possible making an online hub for creativeness, surfing and lifestyle, something I feel that accompanies the other.

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