Review | No Vacation – Intermission


Digitally available now with Physical Releases coming 15th December via Topshelf Records

Rating: 6.5/10

By Kieran Webber

The dream-pop/indie collective nearly ceased to be when they went on Hiatus recently but thankfully they have returned and recently released (Digitally) their ‘Intermission’ EP.

Opening with ‘Yam Yam’ a beautifully constructed track that is lead by a loose bass structure backed by the occasional subtle plucks of the guitar, all the while the soft vocals of Sabrina Mai guide you through the cushy landscape. This is followed by the synth driven ‘You’re Not With Me’ which continues the dreamscape beauty. I also want to note the subtle samples that float ever so quietly in the background of both tracks, within ‘Yam Yam’ you can hear the skype ringtone and in ‘You’re Not With Me’ the sound of rain delicately smothers the track.

Listen to ‘Mind Fields’ here:

Following this is the similar ‘Reaper’ which carries the same beauty as previous tracks but it is at this point the EP starts to flounder. It’s not that the music is bad it’s just too similar to previous songs. However, the closing track ‘Mind Fields’ changes up the tempo and brings forward some much needed energy. It’s just a shame that it comes in the last song on the EP.

Throughout the EP you are invited into a realm of tranquility that gently nestles you, providing a cushion of ethereal soundscapes. However at times it feels this can drag on and falls uncomfortably into the realm of boring. Each track carries a similar sound that is almost too identical. This isn’t to say the music presented isn’t beautiful but as a body of work it can be monotonous.