Review | Moderate Rebels – The Sound Of Security

Rating: 6.5/10

By Kieran Webber

The past couple of years have seen this post-psych collective garner the support from the likes of Steve Lamacq and several high profiled publications, this is due to their enigmatic yet delightfully alluring take on psych. Recently the band released their debut album ‘The Sound Of Security’ a stunning and poignent collection of warped, hypnotic music that dances brilliantly towards a philosophical realm.

The album opens with ‘I Will Be With You Whatever’ an almost chant driven by a rolling bassline and warped percussion, whilst a guitar is gently plucked in the background. Setting the tone for the rest of the album, a slow driven psychedelic experience that is mantra-esque in parts. It’s not so much the substance of the lyrical content that makes this music so special but the music itself. The music speaks in a way that a person simply could not. However, when the lyrics take the forefront of a song it is incredibly poignant, an example of this is during ‘When The Cost Has No Value’ which has lyrics such as: “Trickle down was the pitch // but now no one can sew a stitch // you can live or die It don’t fuss the super rich.”Ā 

Although there is a clear political overtone to their music it’s not all doom and gloom and isn’t an overpowering element to the record. This is especially present in ‘Liberate’ which carried a more positive message but is also more upbeat and faster tempo. It’s a song you can dance to and comes as a respite from the dark and intense tones of the album.

Overall the album has some brilliant messages that resonate with anyone that isn’t part of the super wealthy, it is a politically driven ball of psychedelia that trundles along on it’s own pace and own accord. However, in between the beautifully constructed music and strong messages the album as a whole falls unfortunately into the realm of boring.