Review | HOLY – All These Worlds Are Yours


Out now via PNKSLM Recordings

Rating: 8/10

By Laaraib Khan

‘All These Worlds Are Yours’ is the latest album by Swedish maverick HOLY (Hannes Ferm). A sensational composition bringing art to the listeners ears.

The album takes us on an intergalactic journey, through distorted time and space, engaging the listener through whimsical vocals and an abundance of samples, a truly intriguing body of work.

Listen to ‘All These Worlds Are Yours’ here:

Opening track ‘Night on Earth’ sets the tone and prepares you for what’s to come. Throttled full force into a new dimension, hypnotised by the hazy piano chords, there’s no going back now that you have entered the realm of HOLY.

‘Dreaming Still?’ aye, I think so! If a song was to represent an out of body experience, it would be this. The chaos and bliss of a dream, tumbled together to show by clear example of how a psych-pop song should be done. Ferm holds his own with this one. A jump from an idyllic peace to an interval of hectic sound drawn to a close by the calm that concluded the storm.

Somnolent number ‘ৌ alien life??’ brings seven and a half minutes of ambient euphoria and is the eighth track, out of a total of ten, helping to culminate this exhibition of experimentation and sublimity, slowly coaxing you back to a reality but still leaving your consciousness in the clouds.

The new year has only begun but ‘All These Worlds Are Yours’ FERMly holds its place as one of the best albums of the year. HOLY is the pièce de résistance of what Swedish music has to offer.