Review | Screaming Females – All At Once

Rating: 8.5/10

By Kieran Webber

The Screaming Females are one of those bands that have an incredible cult following, a selection of fans that are wholly devoted to the band and their music. I review this album with much anticipation due to the fact that their latest release ‘All At Once’ is my first experiance with the band. However, after listening to ‘All At Once’ it pushed me towards their back catalogue which I am very excited to wrap my ears round.

There latest release is a dazzling collection of modern rock, pop-punk with elements of classic rock. This eclectic collection of genres throughout the album creates an aura of excitement, with each track bringing something new to the listener. The Screaming Females boast their genre spanning masterfulness with incredible ferocity throughout.

The adventure of sounds starts with ‘Glass House’, a mantra esque track that is pushed forward by a running bassline and occasional strike of guitar, all the while Marissa Paternoster vocals blanket the background music. In fact throughout the album it is Marissa’s vocals that stand out, the incredible power and raw emotion that exudes from her is breathtaking. The album is littered in examples of her vocals really soaring but in particular tracks such as ‘I’ll Make You Sorry’, ‘Agnes Martin’ and ‘My Body’.

However, it’s not just the vocals that are impressive, collectively as a band the Screaming Females are flawless. The album boasts a wide collection of sounds from the alt-rock/pop-punk aura of ‘Black Moon’ or the classic rock sound of ‘Bird In Space’ or even the sultry and dark ‘End Of My Bloodline’, it is all delivered with true mastery.

The album offers a wide and interesting soundscape although it still remains true to what is clearly a signature sound. They dance eloquently between genres offering a bountiful supply of noises for you to gorje on. It’s an album for rock fans far and wide, whether you prefer pop-punk, alt-rock or even classic rock this album has something for everyone and I implore you to listen.