Review | Lost Like Alice – 20 EP

Lost Like Alice 20 cover

Out now (self release) 

Rating: 8/10

By Michael Edgson

Lost Like Alice is the brain-child of Welsh-based solo artist Ben Parker and has been met with much praise across various industry publications since it’s inception. Picked up by the likes of the BBC, ICM, The Indiependent and various radio outlets, it has been a swift rise for Ben following his first EP ‘Thread’. Ben is always complimented on his ability to portray visual imagery through his songwriting, and this is well reflected throughout his current EP titled ’20’.

’20’ can be described as a conceptual EP by Lost Like Alice. Removing himself from his usual sound to explore and incorporate the genres of Blues, Rock and Acoustic in greater depth whilst allowing emotion to remain. It is stripped back of instruments, but not stripped back of character or vision as this well executed project adds to an already expanding and fantastic back-catalogue of tracks.

It would be easy to brush over the amount of talent it takes to have an outpouring of emotion that is on show throughout all tracks on the EP. This is mainly due to the fact that it is commonplace across all of the Lost Like Alice releases. It is territory that sits as easy with him as breathing, you would be forgiven for thinking it is second nature. As an example, the track titled  ‘Headlights’ is Bursting with timelessness and draws on such simple qualities, like connecting to feelings whilst providing the chance to be carried away with every note. And it is executed with professionalism and confidence, and it feels almost auto-biographical, written on behalf of Lost Like Alice to showcase his character and invite you into his world.

Overall, Lost Like Alice provides subject matter which is more self reflecting than that of which you would find in your average twenty year old. And that’s sort of the point, that’s what makes this release and artist so refreshing. The ability to change his sound to a stripped back conceptual EP when beginning to make waves may be seen as silly to some. But this has paid off in attracting praise for the elements of his music that deserves credit. That all too often get mentioned in reviews but aren’t executed as efficiently as this by larger artists. ’20’ is an EP that feels as if it has been nurtured and sculpted. And this is fitting as Lost Like Alice sounds as if he embodies every experience, re-lives every emotion, feels every note and connects with every word.

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