Snow Drenched Barrels Down Booby’s Bay


Words and Photography: Kieran Webber

Spring is here we all cried as we entered March, warmer days were finally on the way after a dull, stormy and cold winter. However, this turned out to be a falsehood as minus temperatures and snow hit the U.K and engulfed the Cornish Coastline.

The so called “Beast From The East” came rushing through with a fierce level of power. No one could of imagined what chaos the heavy snowfall would cause. Train services was running on a skeleton timetable, motorways were closed and Cornwall was left pretty much cut off from the rest of the country.

However, through this chaos came some reward. Especially for those seeking shelter in the cold caverns of the Atlantic Ocean. The snow may have halted the countries public transport but the ocean was business as usual.


The normal procedure of packing the car full of equipment was underway, boards, wetsuits, hoods, boots and gloves filled the back and in-between that nestled us four brave souls. We ventured far into the rugged north coast of Cornwall with our final stop being Booby’s Bay. As we started getting prepared for our winter expedition into the cold shores the temperature started to plummet, snow was most certianly going to be making an appearance.

Nevertheless, we battled on and headed towards the beach. As we walked over the dunes we were greeted with a sight that every ocean charmer wants to see, 3-4ft peaking waves to the left and a hollow right hander blasting through the beachy. Anticipation filled our hearts and we sprinted towards the big blue.

“Snow is a rarity in Cornwall at the best of times but to watch it cover a whole beach is something of a miracle”

It wasn’t long before the snow started trickling down, teasing us with what was about to come. Within thirty minutes there was a full blown blizzard crashing down on us and the coastline was painted in a blanket of white. It always amazes me when beaches become covered in snow, it is such a rare sight and one that throws the senses. Snow is a rarity in Cornwall at the best of times but to watch it cover a whole beach is something of a miracle.



Surfing in England can be a challenge, especially in the winter. It’s cold, often gloomy and requires plenty of planning. However, sometimes you can be treated to epic surf, fascinating weather cycles and beauty as far as the eye can see. This particular surf trip offered up a unique view of a snow bathed coastline with peaking surf and for some surfers some well earned time in the green room.

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