By Kieran Webber

As 2018 draws ever near and the weird limbo that is post Christmas starts to fizzle out we look towards 2018 with much anticipation. Although we have another year of corrupt governments, Donald Trump and Brexit talks we can’t help but be a little but excited for some of the music that is penned for a 2018 release.

With this in mind here are 5 albums that should distract you from the horrors of the modern world.

Haley Heynderickx – I Need To Start A Garden 

Label – Mama Bird Recordings 

Release: March 2nd 2018

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 9.15.09 AMThe Portland artist has already started turning heads (including ours) since her single release of ‘Oom Sha La La’, the self-deprecating track that allows an insight into Haley’s world. Her music is beautifly relatable as Haley is every person who is trying to exist in this world of insanity. It’s not all bleak though, this message is conveyed in a lo-fi psych sensibility and is delivered with tongue in cheek. The album should provide a further look into the lense of Haley Heynderickx world through her beautiful, yet somewhat pained vocals accompanied by the subtle pluckings of the guitar.

Turbowolf – The Free Life 

Label – So Recordings 

Release: March 2018 

Turbowolf free life coverTurbowolf have been making necks sore and ears bleed via the medium of fuzzed out alt-rock for a few years now, first being recognised for their electrifying self-titled debut album. Recently they announced their new album ‘The Free Life’ which was accompanied by the self titled single. Needless to say the track is laden in heavy riffs and Cooper inspired vocals all bundled into a beautiful cosmic package. ‘The Free Life’ is sure to be jam packed with meaty riffs, lyrical content from the stratosphere and a diverse and unique soundscape.

Ocean Wisdom – Wizville 

Label – High Focus Records 

Release: Early 2018 

Ocean WisdomOcean Wisdom has been making heads spin the past couple of years, his successful EP and strong performance on Fire In The Booth had him primed for the hype. 2017 saw the hip-hop artist release a string of singles that helped build on the hype, each single boasted his eclectic flow and ability to double time, which is what garnered him his attention. The young artist is bringing hip-hop to the forefront and the debut album is sure to solidify him as an established artist.

Table Scraps – Autonomy 

Label – Zen Ten

Release: February 23rd 2018 

LP sleeve with outer flaps.epsTable Scraps carry a sound that is often familiarized with the West Coast of America and a time where Nixon was in charge however, they are from the Midlands, UK although we do have Trump and he’s just as bad. Their music at its core is rustic, anarchic and thrives in it’s own simplicity. Their most recent single ‘Sick Of Me’ is a taster of what to expect from the forthcoming album ‘Autonomy’, a bombastic collection of garage rock that is easy to dance to and even easier to get lost in.


Spice Boys – Glade 

Label – PNKSLM Recordings 

Release: January 12th 2018 

Spice Boys GladeSwedish punks Spice Boys first formed in 2015 and within a month the band had got together enough material to release the ‘Spice City’ EP, a short and sweet collection lo-fi punk. Recently the band announced their debut LP ‘Glade’ that is sure to be a raucous  collection of reverb laden punk. The band have already shown us that they are a furious ball of energy that is dangerously infectious, their first LP should further install the bands ability to create chaos in a lo-fi DIY environment.



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