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Kieran Webber
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Our debut Iceland Airwaves trip is around the corner and with this in mind here are five artists we cannot wait to see

Iceland Airwaves 2023 is but mere days away and we are incredibly excited to be setting foot not just in the festiva but the country for the first time. The festival runs out of the infamous capital city of Reykjavik and features live music from around the globe, speakers from all corners of the industry, and MORE.

It’s safe to say we’re tingling with excitement at this point and as such wanted to highlight five artists we cannot wait to see at Iceland Airwaves.


Photography by Aodhan Gallagher

The Scottish firebrands are quickly becoming one of the most exciting bands operating on our misty isles in recent times. Carrying a sound that is similar to the likes of SHAME or Hallan the band fuse witty, relatable lyrics with a thumping sound. The fusing of these two elements make Gallus incredibly alluring and ones we cannot wait to see live in action. Side note, it’s nice to hear a band not from fucking London in this genre. It makes their perspective wholeheartedly more real and unique. If you’re attending Iceland Airwaves then it is essential you catch their set.

Lime Garden

If you’ve been reading CLUNK in the past year then you know our opinion on Lime Garden, the indie-rock band from Brighton. We’ve been following their journey for a while now but our love was truly solidified when we saw them at SXSW. Their energetic and somewhat hypnotising performance makes them an incredibly exciting band. If you’re looking to catch the future of mainstages at festivals across the U.K then you MUST check out Lime Garden.

Bombay Bicycle Club

The London indie royalty first hit the scene back in 2005, joining the likes of Mystery Jets, The Maccabees, and more. The band have managed to keep a strong healthy career by experimenting and fusing genres to their own indie brand. Creating music that is timeless, such as their debut album ‘I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose’, and their most recent album ‘My Big Day’. Having the privilege of watching Bombay Bicycle Club perform in Iceland is nothing short of an honour and if you’re in attendance viewing these stalwarts of indie is a must.

Yard Act

Photography by Phoebe Fox

Yard Act flew out the gates with their debut album ‘The Overload’, a collection of bouncy indie tracks with poignant, witty John Cooper Clarke-esque lyricism. This is now firmly their calling card and strength and one they’ve played into for their latest single ‘Dream Job’. Their live show is something to be completely adored, a true party that leaves you satisfied and full of thought.


The Dublin based Sprints have been quietly crafting their sound and slowly edging themselves onto the scene. Now with the announcement of their debut album ‘Letter To Self’ they’re about to come cascading through the gates and taking over the post-punk alt-rock scene. They fuse the thought provoking and poetic lyricism of artists such as Fontaine D.C with the intensity of IDLES. It’s an incredible fusion and one that we cannot wait to witness live.

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