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After a successful first year in 2018 Red Fest is returning in 2019 and it is shaping up to be a one hell of an event. The festival will be bringing the cream of Falmouth’s talent under one roof in addition to bands from the rest of the country too. Recently the full line-up went live and is promising to be a day to remember, we have our favourites Mother Vulture and headliners Bloxx gracing the Falmouth University campus. We compiled our five favourites for the festival, whom are sure to set the stage alight.

The Petties

By Em Marcovecchio

Our first experience of The Petties was when they were on the support slot for Earth Tongue at Jacobs Ladder, Falmouth. A lot of people had talked about this anthemic, wildly energetic indie-punk band and after that gig it was clear why. By blending the biting energy of punk with the simplistic indie riffs they create an all encompassing sound that is oozing in ferocity. There is no doubt the Bristol band will tear the Red Fest stage apart with their biting punk energy and simplistic indie riffs.

Watch/listen to ‘The Earth Fell On My Head’ from last years Red Fest here:

Cherry Garcia

Cherry Garcia Falmouth
by Kieran Webber

Cherry Garcia‘s sound has many variations and it’s hard to pin them down to one genre, they’re Falmouth’s musical chameleons. The blend elements of jazz, funk, soul, classic rock, psychedelia and a lot more. For fans of the likes of Ty Segall, FUZZ and Wand, you are going to love these guys. Their eclectic collection of music is a true delight to experience live, bringing forward groove-drapes riffs and sultry vocals, it’s a true delight. All of this is backed by tasty licks and thumping percussion, they are a true experience live.

Get ya heads around their debut EP ‘Mayday’ here:


By Jim Gould

The indie dream pop sounds of L I P S are sure to impress at this years Red Fest. Their sound is a wonderful collection of ethereal vocals backed by a fluffy, shoegaze guitars and soft percussion. It’s beautiful music for those looking to take things down a notch and lose oneself. The jangly guitars and attention to aesthetic make L I P S one of Falmouth’s most endearing bands. The band are riding high off the success of their latest single ‘Apartment’ and sold out live shows, seeing them at Red Fest may be your last chance to before they really blow up.

Feast your eyes on their RouteNote session here:


By Felix Bartlett

HOPS are arguably one of Falmouth’s most exciting bands to emerge in recent times, their bubbly math-rock is totally and utterly infectious. The stage presence and bitter sweet vocals of Lilly Shickle are wonderfully alluring. Not to mention the sharp guitar play from the wizard that is Will Andrew. The bands eclectic sound is a wonderful barrage that will have you dancing the night away at this years Red Fest.

Check out their debut single here (premiered exclusively through us)

Plum Jr.

By Em Marcovecchio

We first caught Plum Jr. during the depths of winter in the basement of FIVES, within seconds her harmonious sounds lured us in. Plum Jr. blends elements of shoegaze, indie and punk into one beautiful ball. Creating a dreamscape atmosphere that has raw and open songwriting at the forefront. Recently Plum Jr. has added a full band to her line-up which will hopefully aid in creating a larger sound. Either way Plum Jr. writes beautiful music and we cannot wait to see dazzle at Red Fest this year.

Honourable Mentions

Milo Gore, CPT. PRANG, Hypophora, Mother Vulture, Ronnie Cook & Friends & Luke Moss.

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