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First time in paradise? Don’t worry, let us guide you through Boardmasters 2023

Heading to Boardmasters 2023? Worried/nervous as it’s your first time here? Well, don’t worry because CLUNK has you covered! We know your first festival can be a daunting experience, especially one as wonderfully unique as Boardmasters. Worry not though, you’re about to have the most memorable week of your life.

To help you with your Boardies experience we’ve put together this nifty little guide to help you with the experience. Trust us, we’re veterans of Boardmasters as we’ve been going since 2008.

We’ve put together this handy guide to help you through your first Boardmasters experience.

Stay Hydrated

This is a simple one really but one that we’ve all forgotten. It’s really easy to forget about the essentials that keep you alive whilst you’re in that big beautiful field. BUT please do remember that water is as important as beer, trust us. Nothing worse than being hit with dehydration whilst at a festival, it can literally ruin your weekend. The Boardmasters site has water stations across the whole site, you’re never far from water, so keep your bottles stocked up and STAY HYDRATED.

Go Surfing!

You’re in the surfing capital of the United Kingdom, make the most of that! You are spoilt for choice when it comes to surfing in Newquay, next to the festival site you have Watergate Bay, which is a beautiful beach that has epic waves. Then, near town you have Fistral beach, the home of British surfing, which sees surf shops, food, skateboarding, and of course the WSL Surf competition, where some of the world’s best surfers battle it out in the water. If you’re camping on site there are shuttle buses to town running all day and then Fistral is a short walk away. So, book that surf lesson in and get out there!

Head To Watergate Bay

As mentioned above, the festival sits atop of Watergate Bay, one of the countries best beaches. Watergate bay offers stunning surf, golden sands, and all the amenities you could ever need. It is literally on your doorstep so be sure to wander down there during the day.

Explore The Festival Site

The Boardmasters festival site is an expansive and wonderful place, full of excitement and stunning views of the Cornish Coastline. There are also countless stages offering the very best in new, underground, and established music from across the globe, not to mention spanning all the genres. There is LITERALLY something for everyone at this festival. Don’t be afraid to explore every nook and cranny at Boardmasters, you may discover something epic!

Enjoy The Local Cuisine

You’re in Cornwall, go get yourself a bleddy pasty! (keep your eyes out for the seagulls though).

Bonus Tip: Download The Boardmasters App

Boardmasters Festival has a handy app you can get through the app store, download it and plan out your weekend with ease.

Bonus BONUS Tip: Dress For All Weathers

As you are probably painfully aware the summer in the UK this year has been inconsistent to say the least. So, with this in mind bring clothing for all weathers as who knows what could happen. However, the forecast is looking dry at the very least, which after the wettest July in years, is a godsend!