Words by Kieran Webber | Header Image by Ben James

88_89 is the pairing of Jack and Michael, two creatives residing in London. It’s a musical pairing that was written in the stars. After Jack played some of his music to Michael the duo blossomed.

By blending elements of psych-pop and psychedelic rock they create a soundscape that is very much their own. It’s retrospective yet brilliantly fresh.

Their latest release ‘Wide Open’, which follows the debut ‘The Man’ is a transcending sound. Bringing forward intricate and subtle guitar whilst ever expansive percussion looms in the background. This is neatly accompanied by diaphanous vocals. It’s a summer anthem, destined to be played at festivals and beach BBQ’s. It invites the listener in with open arms, cherishing the moment.

Speaking on the track, the band recall “‘Wide Open’ for us is about those fleeting moments in time when everything fits into place. When you can drop all of those insecurities and fears and just love truly.”

Listen to ‘Wide Open’ here:

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