New LP ‘Labyrinth’ Out August 14th

By Kieran Webber

Three years after the critically acclaimed self-titled debut album the Cornish artist returns with single ‘Magpie’, taken from the forthcoming ‘Labyrinth’ LP, out August 14th.

The West Cornwall native Mickey Smith is a talent that deserves to be cherished. Not only is he a renowned musician (writing under A Blaze Of Feather), he is also a famed cinematographer and photographer. It’s hard to put into words just how talented this man is.

His music offers a wide and unique sound that teeters on cinematic. It’s a large soundscape that is dark, powerful but most glaringly, beautiful. It’s hard not to get lost in this often wonderful sound. Whether it’s the soft, intricate folk or borderline ambient post-rock.

Latest offering ‘Magpie’ is a rough, sombre track that is flooded with ambient waves. It’s reflective of the wild coastline of his home, at times bleak but always full of hope. Much like Cornwall it appears beautiful on the outside but scratch deeper under the surface and you find a darkness. It’s an invitation to those wanting to cherish the beauty of Cornwall whilst asking you to be self-reflective of our often forgotten county.

Speaking on the track Mickey explains: “‘Magpie’ was certainly a cornerstone. It’s a kind of love letter to West Cornwall where I’m from, so it speaks for the whole record in a way. There’s a wild old energy about the place. Mischief in the air coloured with lost things. The local clubs are the Magpies or the Pirates. Kind of sums up the vibe one way or another down here. Memories always flood my mind, every corner is a trigger. I try and appreciate the magic in the air despite this wonkiness and despair beneath the surface. Penzance is the last stop on the train tracks and it is the Wild West in its own way. I began writing the song from the perspective of dementia slowly stealing my Nan’s memory. She’s never been past Truro and all she knows is here, she’s as Cornish as they come. It gradually became about that disconnect I felt in parallel though. How sometimes it’s easier to embrace apathy than deal with the real shit, whether that’s through burying your head in the sand or partying hard.”

Watch/listen to ‘Magpie’ here:

Directed and Filmed by Mickey Smith

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