Photography by Joel Langley

Liam Beck
Liam Beck

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We have a chat with Falmouth’s Mothman, The Man amidst their UK tour

Representing some of the best music to come out of Falmouth in recent times, Mothman, The Man have braved the treacherous lands of the UK to spread the word of their garage-psych fuzz across the land. After playing shows throughout the South West, in iconic venues such as The Hope and Ruin, Brighton , The Old Dispensary, London and The Mill, Towcester, we caught up with Connor as they return to Falmouth for a Krautpop! celebration.

Liam: What are your highlights for the first leg of the tour?

Connor: It was more like a holiday, to be honest, because we were staying at our bassist Charlie’s parents’ annex so it was just the band living together for about a week. Also, London was really nice; we played a free show at The Old Dispensary where we got to see lots of familiar faces from Cornwall, with friends from the local scene amongst older faces that had moved on to London.  The van was also a huge highlight, it was really nice and good fun to use.

We also spent some moments in between shows recording new ideas. It was really great to be able to create new ideas while living all together.

Liam: How does it feel to represent the Cornish music scene? Have you had any conversations with people about the bands coming out of Cornwall at the moment?

Connor: We’ve had a couple of those conversations. One of the more memorable ones would be with a band we played with in London called LD50. We spoke about everything to those guys and they were really impressed with everything coming out of Cornwall and, from that, we’ve made plans for them to come down and perform in April.

Photography by Joel Langley

Liam: Do you have any favourite songs to play live as Mothman?

Connor: I guess I would say Topographical Face since it’s the most fun to play, which you can actually listen to on streaming services now, or on physical on vinyl through Krautpop!

Liam: Have you listened to any specific albums or artists while travelling?

Connor: We’re really Diplomatic about how we listen to music while on tour. Each of us got to add a certain amount of songs each to a playlist for our first drive which took 6 hours. We ended up with a huge playlist of about 20 songs each. And then, from London to Northampton we had about 10 songs each, and three playlists in total for the shorter journeys.

In terms of genres,  our guitarist and keyboard player are on an ambient kick right now whereas I’m definitely more into prog at the minute. I’m listening to a lot of Haken; I’m not a massive fan of the production of modern prog but I’m really into their songwriting right now, I’m finding that really interesting.

Liam: Do you feel like that’s influenced the stuff you’re writing at the moment?

Connor: A little bit, it’s more like they’re inspired by the likes of Mr Bungle who were a huge thing for myself as well. I find their songwriting really interesting in the way they’ll always throw something unexpected in there and that’s the sort of philosophy I’m experimenting with in some of the music I’m writing at the moment.

Liam: We’re currently sat in a record shop, show us something you like here and let’s have a chat about it

Connor: So the record I’ve picked here is by Faith No More, they’re one of my favourite bands of all time and people say that they started nu-metal. The record I have here is an official promo record of them live in 1990 during their ‘The Real Thing’ album cycle. They have a live Brixton CD or record which I do have, but this one’s from Hammersmith Odeon.

Photography by Joel Langley

Listen to ‘1000 Eyes’ here:

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