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Grace Busby
Grace Busby

Have lived in Cornwall for 4 years now and am low-key scared of the sea, but also couldn’t imagine not being able to sit and look at it. My first taste of proper live music was at Boardmasters in 2017, where I got greedy and decided I wanted the rest of my life to have beach vibes but also be full of music, art and culture. 

Abbie Ozard secured her style in EP Water Based Lullabies, where we were introduced to her soft, hazy sound. Sincere and gentle vocals feel like being told a secret, which pushes the intention behind her new single ford (drive)

Released via record label House Anxiety, ford (drive) has been branded by Ozard as “an ode to fellow oversharers”. She explained the inspiration behind the single as the underlying insecurity of worrying you’re being too much, but still wanting to revel in the euphoria of feeling so at home with someone that you feel like you can share anything. 

Despite Ozard’s cool and confident style, ford (drive) has definitely earnt its place on my sad girl playlist. Abbie Ozard’s lyrics and sound combined are affecting in a similar way to Wolf Alice, pouring your heart out, but with an edge. “Please drive me where you want, but not to breaking point” hits home with the notion of wondering if you should change yourself to keep someone close. This is closely followed by “we can turn it down if you want but don’t turn it off” in Ozard’s growing collection of kick-to-the-stomach lyrics. Although ford (drive) is a lofi vibe, it will also succeed in devastating anyone who has worried they’re not their favourite person’s favourite person.  

ford (drive) reflects on the feelings of doubt and vulnerability that come hand in hand with finding safety in another person. Ozard described it as “a love song but with a twist of angst”, which perfectly sums up how it feels to open yourself up as an overthinker. After all, love is pain, or potentially could be. The single feels extremely nostalgic and radiates the happy-sad feeling that accompanies this. 

ford (drive) has been released ahead of Abbie Ozard’s biggest headline tour to date, so if you’re into simultaneously dancing and crying, check out the dates here: 

Wed 30 Nov 22  UK  Nottingham  Bodega  
Thu 01 Dec 22  UK  Glasgow  The Attic  
Fri 02 Dec 22  UK  Leeds  Hyde Park Book Club  
Sat 03 Dec 22  UK  Liverpool  Kazimer Stockroom  
Mon 05 Dec 22  UK  Bristol  The Louisiana  
Tue 06 Dec 22  UK  Brighton  Komedia Studio  
Wed 07 Dec 22  UK  London  Colours  
Fri 09 Dec 22  UK  Newcastle  Bobiks  
Sat 10 Dec 22  UK  Manchester  YES (Pink Room) 

Listen/watchford (drive) here: