New Music For Fresh Ears

CLUNK Magazine is a fast growing blog & Zine from Cornwall. Over the past five years we have been covering the local music scene as well as artists and scenes across the country. Our main objective is to show the country and the world that Cornwall has a vibrant creative community and growing music scene, whilst connecting Cornwall with what is going on outside of our humble little county.

Mission Statement

“A blog & zine that aims to create real, integral, quality music content whilst developing the emerging scene in our local area.” 


At CLUNK we want to create more than just another publication, we want to create a community, a hub and a common place that creatives can reside and come together. In today’s world of instant gratification we want to spend time on our content, making sure that what we deliver to you is of the highest quality. We want to create. We are not here for likes or clicks. We want to be different from the rest and we hope the quality of our content shows that.

Let us know what you think!