It looks like you were a curious one and found yourself perusing our website and wanted to know more! Here we have detailed how we came to be, where we want to go and the way in which we want to do it.

The Beginning

Clunk was born by two Cornish raised lads Jay and Kieran who fresh from graduating university had returned to their home Newquay, Cornwall. After what was a much needed splash in the sea they came with the idea of a website/magazine that fused their interests.

With Jay’s sport knowledge and Kierans music contacts it didn’t take long for the idea of Clunk to become a reality, now a year and a half down the line we are an established Surf, Music, Games, Art & Lifestyle online publication and blog.

The Clunk Stages

When Clunk was in its planning stages it was decided that it would be best to take things slowly, slow and steady wins the race and all that. With this in mind we created the ‘three Clunk stages’ what you see before you today is the Alpha stage, the baby ages if you will. Allow us to explain.


This is Clunk at its most basic and what you see before you today, at this present point Clunk is completely non profit and relies on our day jobs to fund it.


At this stage we would have our own hosting and the website will start to generate profit that will be put back directly into Clunk to fund travel to gigs and events, as well as maintenance of the site.


At this point Clunk is a fully fledged website with a full team and an office… this of course is the furthest away goal but one we feel we can achieve.

Mission Statement

“Coming Soon”


Here at Clunk we want to create more than just another publication, we want to create a community, a hub and a common place that creatives can reside and come together.


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