By Oliver Shasha

Austin based singer-songwriter Adam Ostrar is an artist engrossed with transparency. From apprehensive responses to the American political landscape, to the domestic politics of raising a child – Adam’s day to day human experience is constantly translated into his art. A compelling outlet that exposes the emotional turbulence of the singer’s life, his is music that comes from within.

‘Take It Back’ is a routine example of Adam’s process. Infused with subtle percussion and a relentless drowning bass groove, ‘Take It Back’ is a conflict between melancholic instrumentation, and a cold hearted lyrical message, dealing with an inner anxiety. “Don’t you know your living in danger” suggests an obvious indifference to social surroundings. After what he himself described as not the best year, Adam Ostrar has yet again succeeded at what he does best, translating emotional difficulty into sumptuously pure and honest music. This music was not birthed by the superficial means of the music industry dominatrix, but from the unstable soul of this troubled singer.

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