By Kieran Webber

The Welsh renegades are arguably one of the countries most exciting exports. Al Moses came to be when co-frontmen Jack Vill and Daf Thomas met at a house party and discovered a mutual love for The Manic Street Preachers and Jesus & The Mary Chain. Since that fateful day Jarvis Morgan joined them on bass and Raychi Bryant on drums to complete the four-piece.

Jack and Daf would regularly visit one another via train at their hometowns of Cardiff and Merthyr. In this time they would hone their songwriting abilities, creating a social commentary of life in Wales.

Recently the Al Moses released the single ‘Gutter Rock Moxie’, a song that recalls their time on trains wanting to form a band.

It’s a coming of age indie power rock ballad that demands to be listened too. Anarchic vocals bounce off one another whilst a hook heavy guitar drives the track home. It’s an exciting listen that has all the best elements of classic rock and 90’s brit-pop.

Listen to ‘Gutter Rock Moxie’ here:

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