By Kieran Webber

It’s no secret that the current political situation in the United States (and the world) is a little bit fucked. It seems that corruption is rife, idiocy is celebrated and dumb founded ignorance is marginally accepted in mainstream politics. We are living in some very interesting times there is no doubt about that.

However, in such situations is normally when the artists, musicians and general creatives tend to thrive. An example of this is Alex O’Aiza, the Mexican-American artist hailing from Dallas, Texas. His latest single is a direct attack on the notion of Governments working for big business as opposed for their constituents. This message is bundled into a simplistic lo-fi track that is pushed forward by a rolling bassline. Alex’s crooning voice dances delicately, sounding similar to the likes of Arctic Monkeys.

Speaking about the track Alex explains: “Money was co-written with my close friend Austin Shawn in Nashville and was the start of a new sound and new direction for my artistry.” He continues, “It was born out of a political debate between Austin, his girlfriend, and myself, where we ended up wrapping up the conversation with the conclusion that the current American government prioritizes big business over the lives of their own constituents. The next morning when Austin randomly stumbled upon a moody bassline, the ideas for lyrics started exploding out of our heads. In the end, ‘Money’ became a song about self-awareness. Self-awareness in identifying the people pretending to be good for you, promising to be there for you – when in reality they have their own self-serving agenda that benefits them at your disposal. Very much like the current U.S government.”

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