By AJ Salisbury

Melbourne based alternative rock band, All the Colours, clearly have a love for Californian desert rock, with a sound influenced by excellent bands like Kyuss, Fu Manchu and most prominently, Queens of the Stone Age. With the band having recorded it’s second album ‘Vol. 2’ at Rancho De La Luna in Joshua Tree, California it’s no surprise really.

‘You Know, I Don’t’, the debut single from their ‘as yet untitled third LP’ kicks you square in the teeth within the first few seconds, there’s no time wasting here. It begins it’s relentless pace a few bars in and doesn’t let up until it’s two-minute duration is up, dragging you face first through the fuzzy desert sand.

It’s got a big guitar sound, a bassline that pushes the track forward relentlessly and vocals that are very Joshua Homme inspired, with falsetto delivery and  underlaid with more backing vocals adding to the surreality of the track during the chorus.

This is the kind of tune you crank up when you’re blasting through the unbearable heat of the Californian desert at 70mph with the top down, or, alternatively, on a cold, wet January day in deepest, darkest Cornwall. For fans of this genre of music, All The Colours, should be at top of your listening list.

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