By Tom Tozer

Allusinlove have been rioting around the country for a few years now and have built a strong reputation as a solid live band. The Yorkshire band are notorious for their incendiary live shows and retrospective grunge sound entwined with modern rock.

The latest track ‘Just Like Hell’ is a succession of Allusilove’s communicable, convoluted and sophisticated grunge, which realizes an arrival back to their DIY style. The song evokes a feeling of self-awareness to the reality around you, rejecting the occupational norm that society has created, and living a life that you feel comfortable without judgment. Living differently than most is not a negative thing. This is a positive message from a positive band.

The group has really grown over the years, with plenty of highs and lows. Having played in pubs through to arenas, they’ve been through it all. However, now we see a band that is hardworking and exemplary in their constant push for success.

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