Ally Evenson comes from a classical background but at the age of 14, she discovered the songs of Rufus Wainwright, Joni Mitchell, and Elliot Smith. It wasn’t long before these songwriters had an impact on Ally and she began to write her own music. Fast forward to 2020 and Ally released her debut EP ‘Not So Pretty’, a five-track tasters platter of her soft yet impactful vocals, impressive songwriting, and emotionally driven indie sound.

Now as we drift through 2021 she has returned with her latest single ‘Bite My Tongue’, a deeply personal song about dealing with past traumas, and overcoming them. Ally’s ability to connect with her listeners is in full force within this release, singing about a personal experience that is wholly resonating. We’ve all fallen for the wrong person, and ultimately that person leaves a scar. This lyrical content is delivered by her soft but seething vocals, matched by cascading guitar and percussion.

It’s a captivating listen that is a real rollercoaster of emotions, yet through it there is hope, hope that you can pick yourself up and move forward. It’s a beautiful message.

Ally Evenson is an exciting artist and one that we urge you to keep your eye on.

Listen to ‘Bite My Tongue’ here:

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