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Alt-folk Euan Blackman returns with his first release of 2023

After a riveting year emblazoned with success and acclaim, alt-folk starlet Euan Blackman has returned with new music, his first since June 2022’s ‘LED Lights’, a hazy ballad blossoming with intricate instrumentation and velveteen vocal performances. This new music, however, comes in the form of ‘Everybody Lets You Down’, the stripped-back, raw cut being the first single ahead of forthcoming debut EP ‘You Are The Rain’. Astonishingly, the entire project was written, recorded, producer and engineered by Blackman in his humble bedroom studio in Liverpool. It reaffirms his vast skillset, and unadulterated star quality. 

‘Everybody Lets You Down’ oozes warmth and nostalgia, the three-and-a-half minutes illustrating vivid imagery of long car rides in the Midwest, cinematic and packed with a coming-of-age film quality. Production throughout the verses is sparse. Blackman and his acoustic guitar drive onwards, painted with synthesiser and keyboard flecks and heavenly harmonies and backing vocals. ‘Everybody Lets You Down’ is reminiscent of the New York band Bleachers’ latest project ‘Take The Sadness Out of Saturday Night’, with its raw nature and organic instrumentation. Despite Blackman’s roots in Liverpool, this new single captures an Americana quality, with his introspective and wistful lyricism and acoustic guitar focussed songwriting. 

Euan Blackman is an artist only just getting started, and tracks like ‘Everybody Lets You Down’ proves he is a force to be reckoned with. His sheer talent for songwriting and production is undeniable and paired with his expansive and innovative ideas makes for truly beautiful listening. 

Listen to ‘Everybody Lets You Down’ here: