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Cornwall can be a tough place to exist in during the cold, dark winter months. The lack of sunlight, the bitter breeze and just general dullness can take its toll on a person. Thankfully, those that remain during these months work hard on providing a platform for those looking to dust off the dancing shoes and find some entertainment. One said group of musical brigands is The Spinout Revue, a collection of dj’s that focus on the sounds of the mod movement, northern soul and funk. Each dj brings their own blend of of these eclectic collections of music, creating a unique and vibrant night.

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However, the main attraction of the night is the live vocals from Little Miss Mojo which are accompanied by the instrumental spinnings of Lee Grimshaw, together they bring a live element to their night. It is an interesting and unique experience that was nothing short of exhilarating.

Last week saw The Spinout Revue heading to Pop Gallery in Wadebridge, a place they had played before to a near full room. The quaint gallery provided a perfect stomping ground for the collective and saw a wide and dynamic crowd that ranged from all ages. The glue in the room was the appreciation of the hip-swinging sounds, there was an element of unity throughout the room that was very endearing. Everyone was here for a good time and it was evident in the wide smiles and flurry of arms reaching for the sky.

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Making the night even more interesting was the artwork of Stephen Bliss (known for his work on the popular video game series Grand Theft Auto) that was hanging around the gallery, the brilliant artwork from the artist provided a perfect backdrop for the sounds that they were emanating.

Together, the venue and The Spinout Revue provided a night of brilliant jams, a level of individuality with their unique performances and a venue that is nothing short of charming, aesthetically it is fantastic and the staff and owners are incredibly friendly. For those looking to get a boogie on to some quality tunes and share a moment with some friendly faces then be sure to head down to their next show.

To stay up to date with The Spinout Revue and Pop Gallery then please head to their Facebook pages:

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  1. Brilliant revue that perfectly sums up how it felt to me to be there , the love of the music certainly seemed projected itself around the audience making it feel like a room full of friends in a way unlike any event I’ve ever attended.