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Kieran Webber

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The Swiss rock outfit Annie Taylor played to a sold-out CLUNK show at the Underland Bar, Falmouth

It was a classically wet British night out this Friday gone but that didn’t stop the town of Falmouth coming out to get their fix of rock n roll goodness. As always with a CLUNK show the party was expected and of course delivered. Annie Taylor, who are on their debut UK tour made their way down to the coastal town with support from local psych wizards KLEN and genre defying young guns DUCKS.

(DUCKS) Photography by Aoife Hyland

As soundcheck wrapped up a line of hungry revellers queued up to get their socks rocked off, it wasn’t long before the great walls of Underland Bar was nearly full. DUCKS took to the stage, to begin what was an onslaught of riffs, hard hitting percussion, and genre-fluidity that is nothing short of masterful. The band ducked and weeved their way through a variety of sounds, from hardcore, through to intricate math-rock, it was an overwhelming display of musicianship that boasts the bands extreme potential.

(KLEN) Photography by Aoife Hyland

Following this was the psych tinged sounds of KLEN, true wizards of psych/garage rock. Personally I have been waiting to hear these chaps in action for some time, since the release of their single ‘Down The Pen’. Their intense garage rock sound that is remiscent of Early Ty Segall, The Oh Sees, and Holiday Ghosts is delightfully infectious. They’re a band that are clearly having fun and this energy rubs off on the crowd, who danced, jumped, and moshed to their heart’s content.

(Annie Taylor) Photography by Aoife Hyland

The, taking the stage as the nights headliners was the Swiss rockers Annie Taylor, at which by this point there was barely any room in the venue. It was filled to the brim with a crowd ready for what these travelers from distant lands could bring to the table. It wasn’t long before Annie Taylor proved to the adoring crowd that they were here to put on a real show. The band played through their catalogue of meaty, riff infused rock, tracks such as ‘Midnight’, ‘Telephone’, and ‘She Loves You No More’. The crowd was absolutely bouncing and the band were feeding off their energy, big smiles drawn across their faces. As the night continued the energy levels only got higher, with crowd surfers taking to the skies. It was a wild night that was soundtracked by one of the best rock outfits I’ve seen in recent years.

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Aoife Hyland
Aoife Hyland

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