By Kieran Webber

The swiss psychedelic outfit have returned with shimmering new single ‘Where The Grass Is Greener’. Taken from the forthcoming debut album ‘Sweet Mortality’, out September 4th via Taxi Gauche Records.

The latest release brings forward mellow melodies and slacker surf rock vocals. Creating an easy, relaxed sound that is wonderfully alluring. The guitars bounce off the ethereal vocals creating a sun drenched soundscape. It’s full tranquility and warmth, making it an essential for your summer playlists.

Speaking on the track Vocalist Gini Jungi explains: “‘Where The Grass Is Greener’ began to take shape in Palm Springs, California, after I accidentally attended a drum circle evening, which unexpectedly turned into an evening of unexpected fun, and somehow I felt peaceful and relieved after that levitating night”.

The group were keen to encapsulate this feeling so teamed up with Californian videographer Tony Acosta. The whole video is shot on super 8, get ready for a surreal trip.

Listen/watch ‘Where The Grass Is Greener’ here:

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