A Few Words With Toby Jarvis

By Rocky Poole

Toby Jarvis is an acrylic based life artist incorporating elements of realism within his work, and really is, one of life’s humble, creative and unique creations. Toby adds his individuality and remarkable skill to every piece he creates. Elegant strokes upon delicate precision with added elements of detail and creativity. Jarvis particularly specifies in painting portraits using acrylic paint and in many ways show depth, painting a spence of freedom.

After being introduced to Toby through work placement, I very quickly realised, that in many ways, art is emotional escape, and a release of energy through the soul. However, meaningful quotes aside, let’s take a look at the artist himself and his inspirations.
Toby finds inspiration from all around, the people he meets and the places he visits. ‘Your emotions play a huge part in dictating your artwork, and you find emotional inspiration when you least expect it, it comes to you when you least want it too, but like a wave, it hits you, and that, inspires me to paint!’


Initially, Toby lived and grew up in London, and stated with confidence that London really did cloud his motivation and was drowning for the young artist. However, moving to Cornwall, and eventually Newquay, enabled Toby to escape, giving him licence to explore new realms of art. For as long as he can remember, art, painting and drawing has been a part of Toby since day one, which lead to him to take A level Art furthered by a foundation degree.

But all in all. Toby. We’re dying to know, why. Why do you paint?! This question proved rather humorous to say the least… After a blank look, followed by “I don’t know – ‘coz I can?” We both burst into fits and giggles! But professional and collected as ever, we soon revealed why. “I love the feeling of being able to create something. To really create it, have my mark and make something my very own.” Toby hopes to leave nothing in this world other than his creations of art work and his pure charming spirit. So I then asked the question – ‘ What does art give to you?’ After a giggle and a cheeky smile, Toby replied with, “In many ways, it justifies spontaneity.” Which then lead on to the realisation that in the art world, this passion, gives you the spectrum to see differently, the ability to see in a way others don’t. As all artists view this world and all that lies in it, in extremely diverse ways.

Photographers have an eye for alternative angles, fine artists view aspects of exaggerated aesthetic beauty, sculptures tend to see more of this world in 3D and often prefer to really feel and physically touch what lies around them and Toby, well, Toby has his completely own unique view. This is something that art is so very incredibly brilliant for, and that, is vision…


Art is something, personally, I’ve never wrote about before, or even had a huge passion for, but after speaking with Toby, I soon began to delve deep into this world and realised that it really is, a very, very beautiful thing, an extension of the soul and emotions, a way to express yourself. The best part? Is you’re never, ever, wrong! This links back to Toby’s quote and his love of being: ‘ The creator.’ That’s what is so great, the free will to create a piece and call it totally your own. There are no right or wrong ways to paint.

One thing, personally, I learnt from our conversation, was that every piece of art is a self portrait. Your mood and emotions play a huge roll in the maneuver your hands make and the strokes they paint upon paper. And sometimes, you have to let your emotions take you on a ride and never, ever ignore them, they can lead to most incredible of pieces. I asked Toby about his inspirations and something very meaningful that I acquired, was that waves of inspiration come when you least want or expect them too, the times you ignore them could leave you with a lack of diversity to your work, so here’s a note to you fellow artists out there, “Embrace all of what life throws at you and take inspiration from all that tries to shape you, good or bad, it’s all a learning curve, these waves often paint the best pieces and show true depth.” – ( I often wonder if this can infact, get any deeper! )

Yet, all in all, to end this article, I’ll say this, with confidence. That Toby Jarvis has opened my eyes to a whole new realm of art and has inspired me to be creative and free! Myself, and all at Clunk Magazine wish him the best of luck with the future.

In the meantime… Check him out on Instagram! – @TobyJarvisart