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Lizzie Wesbroom
Lizzie Wesbroom

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Art School Girlfriend returns with whimsical and mysterious track ‘A Place To Lie’

This whimsical and mysterious track feels like real soul searching piece, with a fast paced synth backing that feels as though Art School Girlfriend, aka Polly Mackey, is flicking through your mind and surfacing any stresses currently pressuring you. Her floating melodies, that have defined her previous work, flow graciously and guides the pace of the track throughout.

The climax feels like the beginning of an epiphany, a complicated arrangement of electronics and strings that emerge from the background to the centre of the track, the coming together of every wandering thought, until finally at the end of the piece, everything resolves itself neatly.

Mackey has really pushed the boundaries of her previous releases and shown listeners that you cannot put her in a box. ‘A Place To Lie’ is inspired by Mackey’s DJ sets and her radio show on female-led Foundation FM, that showcases lo-fi electronic and ambient music from female producers.

Listen to ‘A Place To Lie’ here: