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Our debut year at TRUCK Festival is mere days away so to celebrate we put together a list of 12 artists we CANNOT wait to see

The iconic TRUCK festival returns this year and has a line-up that would make even the most devout music fan weak at the knees. Across the weekend we will be treated to a wide variety of sounds from the hard-hitting rock n roll of Royal Blood to Self Esteem‘ art-pop soundscape.

There is much on offer at Hill Farm, Oxfordshire but here are 12 artists we cannot wait to see at our debut outing to the festival.

The Last Dinner Party

The Last Dinner Party are going to be the next big thing, akin to Wet Leg. Much like the aforementioned Wet Leg the band met at University and built a cult-following around London. It wasn’t long before the hype started to build around this band with their debut single ‘Nothing Matters’ accumulating over 5 million streams on Spotify. Sonically it’s no wonder they have captured the minds and ears of a rapid growing audience, it’s a sound reminiscent to Kate Bush, an ethereal sound that is mystical and wildly infectious. Then aesthetically you cannot help but get lost in the Georgian a la fantasy style clothing they adorn on stage, it’s a whole performance that is delightfully alluring. Catching them at TRUCK playing The Market Stage is going to be a story to tell before they are ultimately gracing main-stages across the country.


Photography by Kieran Webber

FEET are one of the most exciting bands in the UK and are gearing up for a rip roaring year after supporting Irish indie heart throbs Inhaler. The band caught the attention of ourselves and the wider world with their debut album ‘What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham’ back in 2019. The album included the incredibly infectious ‘English Weather’, ‘Ad Blue’, and ‘Petty Thieving’. Not long after the band returned with the ‘Walking Machine’ EP, a four track quick hitter to remind us of their jagged edged indie rock. Now, in 2023 the band have released the single ‘Changing My Mind Again’, a more filled sandwich if of their delightful indie treats.

The bands live show is something to be adored, with the imposing structure of frontman George Haverson dominating the stage. All the while the pure fun and electric energy that they all radiate hits max on the Geiger counter. Do not miss out on what will be one of your highlights of festival and possibly year.

Prima Queen

Photography by Kieran Webber

Prima Queen first caught our attention with the release of their stunning ‘Chew My Cheeks’, the bands honest, raw, and heartfelt songwriting instantly won us over. Then fast forward a year or two and we caught them live at SXSW, where they played a breathtaking set at the British Music Embassy. It was clear to see and hear that Prima Queen provide something unique, special, and beautiful. This is backed up by the bands release of their debut ‘Not The Baby’ EP.

We urge you to watch Prima Queen at TRUCK 2023 as their beautifully crafted songs in a live setting truly are an experience, one we know you’ll love.


Alt-J are a band that need no introduction. Their debut album ‘An Awesome Wave’ skyrocketed the band into mainstream, picking up a Mercury prize back in 2012. Since then the band have released multiple albums all of which continue their trademark unique sound. They’re one of the last artists to exist that push the boundaries of music, creating art that is truly unique and instantly recognisable as their own.

Alt-J are not a band you just listen to, you experience them. In a live setting this is amplified by 10000 it us an utter experience that is near otherworldly. We caught them at Boardmasters a few years back and their set left us stunned, in the best way. To say we are excited to watch them in the green fields of TRUCK is nothing short of an understatement. This will be epic, there is no other word for it.

Chappaqua Wrestling

The band came out swinging at the beginning of 2023 with the release of their energetic LP ‘Plus Ultra’. It’s the beginning of a really exciting chapter for the band and they’re playing damn near every festival under the sun off the back of its release. They’ve been championed by the likes of Annie Mac, Phil Taggert, and Steve Lamaq (to name a few). Chappaqua Wrestling‘s sound is a throwback to the glory days of Brit-pop with a modern edge, providing a sound that is fresh yet retrospective.

We have no doubt that the band will be able harness the energy that is felt on the record into a live setting and we’re dying to witness it at TRUCK Festival 2023.


Liverpools hottest new export Courting have made waves across the land in the past couple of years, mostly for their hilarious online presence and high-octane live show. The band released their debut album ‘Guitar Music’ last year to critical acclaim from a variety of tastemakers (such as ourselves). Now they return with the angular-indie track ‘Flex’, continuing their vibrant soundscape.

We’ve been meaning to catch the scousers live for a year or two at this point, so you’ll find us right at the front for their TRUCK festival set.

Heavy Lungs

Photography by Kieran Webber

Heavy Lungs are back and maybe better than ever. After what feels like a long period of slumber from the band they recently returned with riotous new single ‘All Gas No Brakes’. The band return in full form, giving the listener a quick one two across the jaw, reminding them of their punk prowess.

We’ve witnessed the carnage of a Heavy Lungs show multiple times now and we’re oh so ready to experience it again.

Opus Kink

The brass-infused rock outfit comes flailing out of the pebbled beaches of Brighton. Known for their ferocious live show and boozy antics the band are going to be a real highlight of TRUCK festival. Get yourself good and limber for the Opus Kink set, it will be an intense ride of brass, hard-hitting percussion, and wild man energy.

Panic Shack

Photography by Kieran Webber

Welsh punks Panic Shack are a true force to be reckoned with live brining with them a daringly palpable energy. If you’re looking for a fix of fun, high-energy punk rock then look no further than Panic Shack. We caught them at SXSW this year and were blown away by the level of fun they bring to a performance, all the while a high level poignancy remains throughout their music.

We have no doubt their set at TRUCK will be no different, so do yourself a favour and BE THERE.

Lambrini Girls

Lambrini Girls carry the weight of a sledgehammer hitting pure concrete, a band that truly has a sound so large and overwhelming it demands your attention. Their most recent ‘You’re Welcome’ EP personifies their intense sound, something that is ever present at a live show. 2023 has been a big year for the band, having bringing their mighty sound to stages across the UK, including opening for Jamie T at Finsbury Park.

If you’re looking to have your socks well and truly rocked off then be sure to catch Lambrini Girls at TRUCK festival.


STONE, who like Courting call Liverpool their home are one of the UK’s most exciting new bands. They fuse post-punk with witty lyricism in a way that hasn’t been since The Fall, or more recently Yard Act. With such poignant and observant lyricism this band stands tall among their peers, providing music that is thought provoking but with a tongue-in-cheek charm.

Their love show is full of beans, as we witnessed at Boardmasters last year, so to get second helpings at TRUCK festival is an exciting prospect.

Rachel Chinouriri

The singer-songwriter from London brings with her a voice so warm and beautiful it could make your entire soul melt. You cannot help but get lost in the true, honest beauty of Rachel Chinouriri. She carries a similar sound and temperament as Billie Martin, Olivia Dean, and more, but with her own recognisable style.

Seeing her at TRUCK festival will be nothing short of a treat, not to mention our debut experience of her in a live setting.