By Kieran Webber

Recently the West Yorkshire band Askies dropped their new single ‘Easy’, a razor sharp indie belter.

Strong vocals and poignant lyrics build the foundations of this track whilst an ethereal sense of dread hangs in the background. It’s a pulsing track that has the bands talent for songwriting on show. Although a young band they are showing they are leagues ahead many of their contemporaries.

Speaking on the track the band said “It’s a common situation in relationships, and most people would be able to relate to the same type of anger’s voiced through the lyrics, and the overall sound of the song.”

‘Easy’ is proving to be a stepping stone for the band, showing that they’re ready to be on forefront of British indie music. There is no doubt we will be hearing more from Askies in the future.

With this in mind we are incredibly humbled to be premiering the video for ‘Easy’.

Watch here:

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