By Karum Cooper

I love tracks that take me on a journey as a listener. As a fan of prog rock and all that jazz I’m no stranger to an unconventional song structure either.

I can’t say I was expecting an anthemic indie-punk banger to erupt out of such a delicate and twinkling acoustic guitar intro, such as the one I’ve just heard.

Musically speaking, the songwriting on this track is excellent. Real emo/pop-punk/alt-rock vibes on this track – akin to the likes Gnarwolves and Citizen with a side of American Football-esque vocal delivery and lyricism to top. I feel that the vocals that sit on top of this track could benefit from a little lift at times – especially during the hook. ‘Get Out To New York’ benefits from the chanty, singalong vibe but an occasional lift or change in melody during this chorus section would’ve served a world of good.

Listen to ‘Get Out To New York’ here:


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