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Laaraib Khan

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Attawalpa serves us a second helping of what’s to come on his upcoming EP ‘Patterns’, due for release in 2021, and we’re lapping it right up.

British Peruvian musical maestro and household name for CLUNK readers, Luis ‘Attawalpa’ Felber, brings us a brand-new tune and video ‘Killer’ for us to feast on during these long winter nights.

The juxtaposition of lyrics “We all drop dead” alongside uplifting and groovy sounds is the epitome of what the songs is. A celebration of life, of sorts, and the acceptance of death being the ultimate outcome. The song works as a reminder that one must appreciate this rare thing called life, we all have and that we all have one thing in it we all have in common, death.

Who knew a song ultimately about death would have me dancing around my kitchen?

Musically, Attawalpa floats somewhere in space, undecidedly between indie, rock and pop but it’s what we love. ‘Killer’ carries on the spiritual healing we saw with ‘Done Hanging On’, bringing poetry, darkness and multidimensional vibrations with sprinkles of nostalgia, a nod to the likes of Lee Hazlewood and The Velvet Underground. For me, Attawalpa bizarrely reels off energy likened to Pulp, with crafty lyricism and a certain panache in vocals reminiscent of the legend Jarvis Cocker in his prime.

Attawalpa is the gift that keeps the positive vibes going even when the party’s over.

Listen to ‘Killer’ here:

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