By Laaraib Khan 

Following the psychedelic bubble bath of an EP ‘Spells’, Attawalpa gives us a taste of what’s to come with cathartic audio-visual experience ‘Done Hanging On’.

The London-based South American, multi-instrumentalist provides both an audio and visual journey into the cold realities of love in a world that stops for nobody; a story we all resonate with.

Rather than crafting a drab, overtly sad and regretful piece, Attawalpa fashions a purifying and joyful number, with vibrations that work to heal both artist and listener’s hearts, confirmed by the use of quartz crystal singing bowls.

A melancholic yet euphoric composition that makes you feel like heartache can turn into a beautiful thing. The rapture continues through the scribbles and visual experience created by modern visionaries Alex Gamsu Jenkins and Joe Taylor, following the tale of lost love in an organic but surreal way, sitting between Duncan Tussel’s Midnight Gospel and that one episode of the Simpsons: ‘The Mystery Voyage of Homer’ (if you know, you know).

‘Done Hanging On’ is the experience an hour of reiki cannot provide, leaving you with the chorus chiming in your mind and an energy that radiates through your body. Attawalpa creates an oxymoron of emotion that we all want to be part of.

Watch/listen to ‘Done Hanging On’ here:

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