The Festival In Bristol Will Be Going Ahead January 24th 2021

Words By Ollie Stygall | Header Image By Kieran Webber

Let’s face it 2020 has been a bit of a write off in general hasn’t it? Economically, socially, artistically, politically. It has been something of a clusterfuck. Bands were stopped in their tracks. Live music took a nosedive and fear has spread through the gig going community all because of a virus.

Some brave souls are valiantly soldiering on to salvage something from the wreckage of this year to make it tolerable as we’ve passed the halfway mark and head to the back end of the year but, being honest, it isn’t going to be normal by any stretch.

So it’s to 2021 that we set our sights with a greater sense of hope and anticipation and none more so than On The House Music who are bringing us crashing into the new year with an absolute monster of a show. Attitude Festival was supposed to take place in Bristol in June at The Exchange in Bristol but had to be cancelled for obvious reasons, but you can’t keep a good, albeit, brand new festival down and it is now set to make its inaugural showing on January 24th 2021.

Ticket available here

Attitude is a celebration of noisy, blood stained guitars and amps being pushed to the limit. Over the course of the day 19 bands will wring a crowd dry. It’s like every awesome gig that didn’t go ahead in 2020 happening in one go!

Headed up by rising grime punk superstars Riskee And The Ridicule the line-up features a diverse array of fuzzy notes including, but not limited to the electrifying rock and roll of The Blue Carpet Band, Crooked Little Son’s garage punk blast, Sweet Teef’s aggro grunge, O’Deus’s stoner metal, blues punk from Mother Vulture, teeth gnashing hardcore from Wrongens and a set from future punk superstars Bob Vylan amongst many more.

Tickets available here

At only £15 in advance (£20 on the door if there are any tickets left) that is less than a quid a band for 10 and a half hours of pretty much back to back music. It wouldn’t just be rude to miss out on this, it would be downright insanity.

Let us know what you think!