By Kieran Webber Check out Manchester’s latest lo-fi pop sensation The Foetals, an artist that has managed to capture the relaxed vibe of The Beach Boys but retained the English twist with similar harmonies to the likes of The Beatles.  The Foetals’ upcoming debut LP ‘Meet The Foetals’, is dueContinue Reading

By Kieran Webber Public Memory has just signed to felte and has shared a first taste with track ‘Lunar’, in which spectral vocals meld with delicate piano against hip hop beats and a dub sensibility, conjuring clouded lights, foggy glass in empty buildings & urban wraiths. You can listen toContinue Reading

By Kieran Webber Glaswegian duo Tuff Love are set to release their three EPs as one 15-track compilation. Due  Jan 29th via Lost Map Records, ‘Resort‘ brings together sell-outs ‘Junk’ & ‘Dross’ – both now unavailable – and the more recent EP ‘Dregs’ to showcase the band’s shimmering guitar pop sounds. Speaking about the forthcoming release, TuffContinue Reading