By Kieran Webber

Babe Club return with this slice of nostalgic indie pop-pie ‘Together’, taken from their forthcoming debut EP.

It’s an emotive single that has angelic vocals taking the forefront. Lyrically it tells a tale of love and comfort. ‘Together’ is a rallying call to the individual and the masses, together we are stronger.

Speaking on the single,  front woman Jenna Desmond explains that “When Corey and I originally wrote this song, it was about discovering new things about each other as life changed and challenged our relationship.” She continues, “A year ago when we were finishing the recording process we would have never guessed that we’d be releasing it during such a troubling time. A global pandemic shutting down our world, and people protesting on the streets demanding justice and equality. Though it’s obvious our song wasn’t intended for this, we hope that it can bring some joy to you all, joy to being together with other humans whether they be friends/family/lovers/strangers. We’re all in this together. The lyrics say “I’m trying to be normal again”. I think a new “normal” is on the horizon.”

You cannot help but be spellbound by Babe Club‘s sound. Heavy synths, beautiful vocals and swaying guitars all wrapped up into one wonderful package. ‘Together’ is a shining example of their daringly infectious music.

Listen to ‘Together’ here:

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