Words & Photography by Kieran Webber

The summer season has finally come to it’s close and September is underway, Cornwall is rejoicing. Those of us that are normally exhausted by our 50+ hour work weeks are ready to boogie and enjoy ourselves. Last night was exactly that, a near full room of people dancing, vibing and enjoying the delicately beautiful sounds of Aussies Babe Rainbow.

Before this though local legends Flowers Of Palo opened up and played one of their last gigs in Cornwall. As expected they brought their bedroom-indie sound to the Old Bakery. It wasn’t long before the crowd was bouncing to their anthemic sound. It’s hard not to find yourself under their spell when they play. As each show passes they grow as a band, bringing more energy, intricacy and power to their performance. Lead singer and guitarist Emma Chamberlain is becoming a formidable force on stage, commanding the respect and adoration from the crowd. She’s entertaining and oozing in cool. The band have their sights set on London and it is with no doubt they will generate a following in the big smoke. Keep an eye on these guys, they have big things heading their way.

Emma Chamberlain of Flowers Of Palo (By Kieran Webber)

Taking things to a groovier level was headliners Babe Rainbow, an experimental force of psychedelic-folk that is riddled in elements across a wide musical spectrum. Across their set we were treated to a variety of beautiful sounds, all inspired by a golden age of the sixties and seventies. Although retrospective in sound it’s very much fresh and new. The energy that filled the room was one of total happiness, everyone was having fun and it was clear to see as you looked around. The drawn out tangents that the band went on were delightful to watch, observing musicians in their purest form taking their music to it’s highest level. Their set had everything, from kazoos, bongos & even a superb drum solo. Babe Rainbow‘s music is a transcendent experience that is extremely visceral. You feel their music throughout your whole body.

As the night came to a close the audience was left elated and exhausted by both bands performances. Each band played a fantastic show and the night was further evidence there is a want for live music in Cornwall. It’s easy to feel like not much happens in Cornwall, but the truth us you have to look for it. Yesterday in a corner of Truro a night of wonderment was had.. where were you?

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By Kieran Webber