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Willow Shields
Willow Shields

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Electronic mastermind brothers Bad Sounds, Ewan and Callum Merrett (completed by Charles Pitt, Sam Hunt and Olivia Dimery) have released their latest endeavour. After a long and well-deserved break from releases after their debut album ‘Get Better’ in 2018, they have teamed up with fellow sibling duo Broods who are electro-pop experts hailing from New Zealand.

Combining Bad Sounds’ quirky, bright and (most of the time) satirical sound with Broods dark electro-pop results in something quite magical. Vocalist Georgia Nott’s voice cuts through the layers of Bad Sounds muted drums and dreamy synths. There is a definite Bad Sounds flair to the track with the distant backing vocals and rhythmic story telling of it all, yet Broods darkness isn’t at all lost in the sea of Bad Sounds’ production. The entirety of ‘Move Into Me’ has a different feel to anything the two bands have done before, with Bad Sounds; this track is a masterful showcase of them maturing as artists and producers together. And Broods, they are paired with a lighter sound; more dreamy synths and a new laid back direction for the pair. 

For me, this track shows maturity for Bad Sounds yet harks back to their older work with tracks like ‘Enough’ and ‘Living Alone’ and ultimately is something new for both parties. ‘Move Into Me’ is the perfect track for lying around in your bedroom with golden light streaming in from your windows, that’s where it takes me anyway. 

Listen to ‘Move Into Me‘:

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