By Matilda Barker Hall

This is the third single released from their debut album, all songs demonstrating how far Lili Trifilio (vocals,guitar) has evolved as a songwriter and artist. Beach Bunny formed as a bedroom pop solo project in 2015 and then expanded into a full band in 2017 with Matt Henkels (guitar), Anthony Vaccaro (bass) and Jonathan Alvarado (drums) joining on.

Cloud 9‘ expels the happiness brought about, in a relationship, when one realizes that (according to Lili Trifilio) “despite the ups and downs, love (holds it all) together”.

Through the punching drum beat, that you can’t resist tapping your feet to, and smiling atmospheric voice, of Lili Trifilio. Your ears are pulled into an optimistic sensation that whatever may be shit in your life will get better or emphasises the already great things in your life. This feeling is emphasised with the cutesy animated music video, created by Margaret Bialis, a pastel colour palette runs through keeping the song light and joyful despite the downs implied in the lyrics and small events in the video.

The song coincides with the message held within their debut album, ‘Honeymoon’ due to be released on 14th of February, of it being aimed for anyone who has felt uncertain and doubtful about their future and had the courage to dive in and choose optimism and love. Stressed about uni applications, tough job, future plans starting to get you down have a listen of this and you’ll feel up for braving it all.

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