Brighton based fuzz merchants have announced their debut album ‘Subatomic Party Cool’ which is set for release June 2021 via Alcopop Records. In addition to this the band have also scheduled a U.K headline tour (tickets available from November 16th).

The band first caught our attention with their self-titled EP that came out in 2018. It was a daring collection of garage rock naughtiness that was fuelled by pulsing riffs and hard hitting percussion. It was similar to bands such as Pulled Apart By Horses and Turbowolf.

Since then the band have been hard at work playing shows across the country as well as a series of single releases. The most recent one being the ferocious ‘Wrong Impression’.

Commenting on the album and tour news, guitarist/vocalist Rory O’Connor says: “Recording the album was the most cathartic medicine I could ever have hoped for in an otherwise desperately terrifying and uncertain time. Playing live is the reason the universe has put Beach Riot on this planet, and there’s gonna be one hell of an explosion of emotion and energy when we finally can get back on that stage and play all these new tracks to everyone.”

“Working on the album has been like a lifeline for me,” adds drummer Jonny Ross. “Having something to focus on creatively over lockdown has been so needed and I’m glad we’ve kept momentum going.”

“I think waiting until next year is the responsible thing to do,”
 he continues, on the band’s headline tour announcement, “as much as we do miss playing and meeting new fans. We can’t wait to get out there in the new year with new tracks in the set.”

Listen to latest single ‘Wrong Impression’ here:

Tour Poster:

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