By Luke James

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Label: Wild Honey Records

‘Day Ripper’ is the third album from Italian three piece Bee Bee Sea and is 10 tracks of pure joy and frenetic energy. While their first two albums, ‘Bee Bee Sea’ and ‘Sonic Boomerang’, would fit comfortably under the banner of garage rock, ‘Day Ripper’ is a very different beast.

As the first riff of album opener ‘Daily Jobs’ starts you’d be forgiven for thinking that Bee Bee Sea are another Arctic Monkeys-lite band but by the time the whirlwind of drums come in, you will instantly be happy to have been proved wrong.

From here on out you are in for one hell of a ride. Throughout the album you are taken on a musical journey through a variety of sounds. Bee Bee Sea skip through genres with reckless abandon. There is a clear influence from the likes of The Hives and Maximo Park, particularly in ‘Drags Me Down’ and ‘Horst Klub’. Rather than sounding confused and over ambitious, Bee Bee Sea create their own sound which is equal parts poppy and raucous.

Bee Bee Sea started life as a covers band and with their catchy choruses and a guitar sound that is all raspy overdrive and spring reverb, the band’s influence of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Who can be felt throughout ‘Day Ripper’. Rather than sounding like a copy of any of those bands, they merely use them as a building block for their own infectiously joyous sound which makes ‘Day Ripper’ an album to look out for.

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