By Kieran Webber

After a very successful Saturday we returned to Behave! Festival on the Sunday for the final day. The music may have taken a more relaxed turn but the atmosphere was still absolutely buzzing.

We were treated to a variety of sounds from the thrashing technical math rock of Last Hyena to the calm, angelic sounds of Daisy Clark. There truly was something for everyone over the weekend and The Old Bakery provided the perfect backdrop for the event.

I walked away proud and in awe of this festival as to me it proved that Cornwall has a blossoming music scene. There is a want and need for live music in our often overlooked county, the winds are changing and Cornwall is on the cusp of greatness. Massive shoutout to Boneyard Promotions and Karum Cooper for organising such a brilliant festival and thanks to all who attended and bands who travelled down to our little county to put on a show!

Here are the highlights of the Sunday at Behave! Festival.


By Kieran Webber

These students based at Falmouth University are showing that they have skill and ferocity beyond their age. The sickly sweet vocals of lead singer Lilly Shickle make it hard not to fall into the bands sugary trap. Their math rock/pop sound makes it totally digestible by all music fans and the level of musicianship on show from each member is a real spectacle. I have watched this band go from strenght to strenght in the past year and they are showing no signs of slowing down. There is an exciting path in front of HOPS and I cannot wait to watch them skip down it towards success.


By Kieran Webber

The Falmouth based band make music that can only be described as beautiful. Their concoction of shimmering summer inspired jams and jangly guitars make them an spellbinding listen. It’s hard not to find yourself thinking of blue skies, cool sea air and that ever wonderful orange glow. Music such as this is designed for escapism and L I P S are masters of their craft. They’re another Cornish band that are incredibly vibrant and wonderful to watch live.


By Kieran Webber

This genre defying behemoth put on a show to remember at this years Behave! Festival. From beginning to end they were a triumphant force to be reckoned with. Their unique blend of experimental rock makes them a fascinating spectacle to watch live. Throughout their set you are treated to a flurry of effects driven riffs and thumping percussion. It’s an unpredictable sound that is constantly twisting and turning, creating an aura of uncertainty. The apparent confidence the band now command on stage is fantastic to watch, particularly the many bass faces of Ryan Barsby.

Milo Gore

By Kieran Webber

Milo Gore is one of Falmouth’s most hard working and influential exports in the past five years. The bands talent and hard work ethic is an exciting thing to witness. Each member is a master in their field and as a unit they are incredibly tight. During their time at University they locked down the local scene and have had many a notable performances. Over the past 4 months they’ve been working on their sound and new material and it’s sounding great, as was showcased at their set during Behave! Festival. The deeply emotive and raw passion on show by Milo Gore was intoxicating, his soul laid bare for all too witness.

Last Hyena

By Kieran Webber

Where does one even start with this band? They arguably stole the whole festival with their insane performance. The bands technicality, power and ferocity was jaw dropping. The instrumental math rock band from Bristol (via Falmouth University) blend so many sounds into one ball of continuous joy. As each note passes you cling on waiting for the next, where can they go? What will happen next? Truthfully you just don’t know but by god is it exciting to watch.


By Craig Taylor-Broad

Taking the second stage at the festival was FES, a math-rock/pop outfit from Peterborough. Their sickly sweet sound was delightfully infectious, especially from the vocal department. The big riffs matched by the delicate finger plucks made this an interesting performance. The most alluring element to their music and performance was the element of fun that ran through their music. You couldn’t help but move to their jagged edged music. I hope to see these guys down in Cornwall again!

Delta Sleep

By Kieran Webber

Out of the whole festival, for me personally, this was the band I was most excited to see. The Brighton based indie-post rock outfit wowed the eager (if not a little tired from the weekend’s antics) audience with their beautiful music. They started the set by thanking everyone for coming to watch them and stated “this is probably the furthest south we’ve ever played”. This added to the excitement to see them live, I felt very fortunate to watch a band of this calibre in Cornwall.

All in all Behave! Festival was a total success, proving not only to Cornwall but to the outside world that there is a need and want for good live music in this often forgotten county. We want to extend a huge congratulations to Karum Cooper and Boneyard Promotions for organising a solid festival and for inviting us a long.

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By Kieran Webber (FES Image by Craig Taylor-Broad)