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Meg Fletcher

Commercial Music student based in Suffolk, East Anglia. Megan is most known in her area for her portrait photography and passion to help grow the music scene in Suffolk. Alongside journalism and photography Meg is also a lover of fresh coffee and local food!

Beige Banquet have just released their first single after the release of their debut album ‘Beta’ back at the start of the year. The newly formed London-based group is made up of Tom Brierley (Guitar/Vocals), Joe Munsey (Guitar), Danny Gillies (Bass), Ian Crafter (Drums) and Blake Carlson-Joshua (Percussion), released ‘Awake’ in the early hours of this morning.

‘Awake’ is made up of stabbing electronic drum patterns with a punchy baseline and jagged guitars. Included in the track, is a range of different distorted vocals, the majority are by frontman Tom. Halfway through the track, you can hear different distorted heavy reverb dialogue that is so classically Beige Banquet on top of main vocals that adds an artistic narrative to the song. These additional dialogue-esk lyrics were written and performed by fellow artist Rosie Pearce.

Speaking on the track the band said: “This release features collaborations with a cast of future bandmates and friends, with clarinet by Theo Bergot, backing vocals by Joe Munsey and Benjamin Mace-Crossley and additional vocals and lyrics by Rosie Pearce. The richer and varied textures create a much more dynamic and deeper feel that builds on the sound established on their 2021 debut album ‘Beta’.”

Already announcing that ‘Awake’ is the first single from the band’s forthcoming self-titled EP that is available for pre-order with the 10″ vinyl for Friday 13th August via BandCamp.

‘Awake’ is a perfect reflection on the promising EP and if you love this track we’re sure you will love the EP as well!

Listen to ‘Awake’ here:

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