By Kieran Webber

Benjamino is the musical project by Ben Cauduro, a multi-instrumentalist from Wollongong, Australia.

At the start of the year he wowed audiences with his live set, which included a 7-piece band. Not to mention two singles that captured the attention of fans new and old.

Now he returns with new single ‘Clutching At Shadows’, taken from the forthcoming debut ‘Open Up The Vault’ EP.

The latest offering is a glistening single bursting with summer vibes. It’s driven forward by Benjamino‘s harmonious vocals and a groovy backbeat. Subtle guitar bounces off a wall of horns, making for a daringly infectious release.

Lyrically the track explores the imbalance of effort in relationships. Not feeling cherished or that the effort is being reciprocated. A complex range of emotions are present throughout the track, boasting Benjamino’s songwriting ability.

Listen to ‘Clutching At Shadows’ here:

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