By Kieran Webber

2019 saw lots of live music around the country and our home Cornwall. It’s never easy to choose gigs that stand out from others. They all have their own brilliance and charm, however some stood out to me this year. Here is my top live bands of 2019.

Ty Segall London 2018 Solo

Ty Segall & Freedom Band @ The Oval Space, London

Ty Segall took residence in London for three days during October. A residency that saw him play his latest album ‘First Taste’ & one from his back catalogue. Out of the three days I chose the Sunday, the day of ‘First Taste’ & ‘Manipulator’.

This show was pure Ty Indulgence, near 2 hours of his music with barely any break. Ty and his Freedom Band, consisting of Mikal Cronin, Emmett Kelly, Shannon Lay & Ben Boye tore through both albums in a relentless fashion.

There was so much to take in, the intense drum solos from Ty during ‘First Taste’ through to the intensity of riffs during ‘Manipulator’. Everything that you love about Ty was on show, his inventive musical prowess, pure rock ‘n’ roll energy and of course a crazy loving crowd to match.

Mother Vulture @ Leopallooza Festival, Cornwall

We’ve had a wild ride with Mother Vulture this year. From their first show in Falmouth, stomping through Newquay in the summer and an insane, jam packed tent at Leopallooza.

The latter being the most mind melting, awe inspiring show they’ve done to date. A tent of around 400 people crammed in to see the rock ‘n’ roll fury that everyone had been talking about. Within seconds the tent exploded, the Mother Vulture boys flailed themselves across the stage whilst belting out riff after riff. At one point guitarist Brodie made his way up the middle pole and tore out a gut wrenching solo. It was utter beautiful madness and solidified them as one of the countries most exciting live bands.

FEET @ Whiskers, Newquay

My first experience of these guys was in a small tent at Boardmasters. Fast forward a year and we’ve got them playing a show in Newquay. They returned a more refined band with a more fuller and enriched sound. They still carried their sideways look at indie, bringing a much needed level of inventiveness to the safe genre.

FEET live is something everyone needs to experience, you get fast paced, action packed music with a sense of hilarity. They’re injecting fun into their music and it’s felt onstage. The smirks, laughing and dad dancing brings you into their enjoyable world. It’s warming to watch and incredibly entertaining.

The Rezner Single Launch @ Jacobs Ladder, Falmouth

Local legends and all round rock ‘n’ rollers The Rezner blew the roof off the Falmouth pub this winter. It was their singe launch party for their latest release ‘Micky’, an explosive night for an explosive track.

The Falmouth pub was full to the brim with excited and eager revellers. The moment the guys began their set the place ignited. Bodies were thrown everywhere, crowd surfing ensued and the bands notorious indie-punk sound filled the room.

They’re a band that are known for their riotous sound and shows, this gig solidified this reputation. They’re truly one of Cornwall’s most exciting bands and the future is looking bright for these rowdy lads.

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard @ Leopallooza Festival, Cornwall

These guys were probably my favourite discovery of 2019. They played the second stage at our favourite festival and it was by chance we managed to catch them. It didn’t take long until I was totally under their spell. These Welsh renegades combine all the great elements of bands such as Queen, T-Rex and The Rolling Stones, whilst throwing in a fresh modern feel.

As they strutted, pouted and boogied around you couldn’t help but be enamoured by their presence. It was extremely infectious.

HONOURABLE MENTIONS: Heavy Lungs, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Flowers Of Palo, Milo Gore, Hypophora, BAGGS, El Moono, The Vaccines, The Manatees & Lady Bird.

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