Beyond The Woods Full Line Up
Gaby Mawson
Gaby Mawson

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Last week, Beyond The Woods released the final wave of acts for the festival that is due to take place in August. Already the likes of Alfie Templeman, Joesef, Baby Queen, Luz and Master Peace were announced earlier in the year. Now, The Staves, Flyte, DECO, APRE, Bull, and CJ Pandit will join them. You can see the full lineup above.

The festival that is based in Stourton Woods, Lincolnshire, will be happening the weekend that starts 6th August until 8th August. Beyond The Woods will be teaming up with BBC Introducing in Lincolnshire and Access Creative College giving local acts and students a stepping stone towards playing on one of BBC Introducing’s national stages. Some of the area-based musicians that will be performing include Ben Simmons, Burridge, and Ell Ivy.

BBC’s Music presenter, Abbie McCarthy says “Bring on Beyond The Woods festival this summer! I’ve managed to get 5 of my favourite new acts on one stage in Alfie Templeman, Joesef, Baby Queen, Luz & Master Peace – this is going to be one HUGE party!”

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