Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Label: Hand In Hive Records

‘Everything’s Delicious’ is the new EP from soothing acoustic songwriter, Blackaby. From the same playbook as bands such as Jose Gonzales and Ben Howard, Blackaby rides that fine line between folk and indie, never knowing quite which one you’ll end up with by the end of each track.

‘Everything’s Delicious’ is a journey through William Blackaby’s memories and almost serves as an invitation to join him on his jaunt down memory lane. A memory that Blackaby lost for a short time after an accident. On his road to recovery, he found catharsis in treating his lyrics almost as a journal of his youth.

Rather than being your typical solo acoustic album, Blackaby manages to keep things interesting with the music with each track likely to change on a dime. Whether it’s the gentle build-up of opening track ‘Stevenson’ or the many changes that closing track ‘Lee’ goes through, Blackaby keeps ‘Everything’s Delicious’ interesting enough that you feel rewarded for giving it your full attention. After ‘Stevenson’ fades out of its big finish, ‘Warm and Sweet’ slides in with its Americana-indie almost with touches of early Kings of Leon giving ‘Everything’s Delicious’ yet another layer. Even John Victor from Genghar pops up to throw out a guitar solo over ‘Warm and Sweet’! With soothing acoustic, retrospective lyrics, beautiful harmonies, and the confidence to let a song go where it needs to, ‘Everything’s Delicious’ is appropriately titled because each track is dripping with honey so much it’s borderline edible.

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