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Alannah Williams
Alannah Williams

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Londoner William Blackaby, AKA Blackaby, has unveiled his soft and soulful new cut I Wanted’, ahead of a string of UK tour dates he’s set to embark on later this month. Taking influence from the likes of Big Thief and Wilco, Blackaby‘s musical origins see him dabbling in bands before setting out on his own solo venture, in a story of drummer turned singer-songwriter.

Following on from the release of his highly anticipated debut EP ‘Everything’s Delicious’, ‘I Wanted’ offers a delicate and mournful take on Blackaby‘s staple sound.

Featuring mournful guitar strokes and lush vocal intonations, the floaty instrumentation offers a subtle backdrop to heartfelt lyricism – longing for a ‘genuine connection’. Blackaby‘s songwriting is often unmatched, with his unique viewpoint of banal of delicate situations, he takes the mundanity of everyday life and creates a sonic venture of soulful origins. Effortless and utterly majestic, Blackaby creates a whole world with his daydream cuts.

Divulging on the track, Blackaby comments, “Talking to someone you think can help you out in some way, but not really being in the mood to talk or even really be there at all. You zone out a bit. Their lips are moving but what are they saying? Desperate to make a genuine connection but if you’re only talking to them to get something you want, this feels unlikely. Just be yourself I think is the take-home message.”

Tour Dates 

 Tues 21st Sept –  Birmingham, The Victoria
 Weds 22nd Sept – Leeds, Oporto
 Thurs 23rd Sept – Manchester, YES
 Tues 28th Sept – London, Waiting Room
 Weds 13th Oct – Birkenhead, Futureyard
 Sat 16th Oct – Cardiff SWN Festival 

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